Steam & Hydrogen System Monitoring

i-Steam® Online

i-Steam Online

Based on PIL's i-Steam™ software application, i-Steam® Online is a real-time monitoring and optimization software for utility systems. This application determines the best strategy to manage steam, electricity and fuel systems efficiently and reliably in real-time. Additionally, i-Steam® Online optimizes utility systems while accounting for operational, economic and environmental constraints. It provides quick and accurate advice on daily decisions such as setting cogeneration targets, optimal driver selection and power management for import and export. These online monitoring and optimization tools provide actionable directives that are practical and easy to implement. Its online interface is tailor-made for each client and can be deployed and displayed on different platforms.

i-H2® Online

i-H2® Online is a real-time monitoring and optimization software for refinery hydrogen (H2) and fuel systems. It helps refiners visualise and understand the system's performance in real-time. The software manages daily operations including but not limited to optimal H2 utilization, H2 production, H2 purification and identification of best fuel choices depending on operational, economic and environmental constraints. The real-time component consists mainly of data pre-treatment & reconciliation, hydrogen pinch analysis, simulation, monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPI), & optimisation and also helps to identify potential retrofit options. Apart from the standard user interface modules, there are tailor-made options to meet client's requirements. Some of the most noteworthy features are as follows:

  • It is tailor-made to client needs.
  • i-H2® Online is used as modeling and optimization engine.
  • It has real-time services for data reconciliation, real-time operation optimization and model update.
  • It includes a database for saving the reconciled data, optimization results, KPI information, etc.
i-H2 Online