i-H2™ – Design and Optimization Software for Refinery Hydrogen Systems

i-H2™ PIL’s state-of-the-art software for the design and optimization of refinery hydrogen systems. With i-H2™, our clients have been able to improve the economic benefits of both grassroots and existing H2 systems by integrating recovery revenue, operating costs and capital costs through advanced mathematical modeling techniques and a highly efficient optimization algorithm.

What can i-H2™ be used for?

Targeting analysis Identify the minimum H2 utility requirement and potential for improvement.
Investment free optimization projects Identify the potential of purge streams and increase your H2 system profitability typically by 0.008 – 0.024 $/bbl.
Retrofit projects Increase the profitability or your H2 system typically by 0.04 – 0.08 $/bbl with a payback period of <2 years.
New design of H2 networks Design every unit of H2 systems with detailed design specifications.

Key features of i-H2

Unlock economic savings

Unlock Economic Savings

Refineries and petrochemical plants lose millions of dollars per year of hydrogen and light hydrocarbons in off-gas streams. i-H2™ allows you to build comprehensive models in a user-friendly environment to help you identify operational strategies to mitigate these losses. Additionally, thanks to i-H2™ advanced analysis tools, cost-effective projects can be assessed to help you maximize profit with or without capital investment.

Recover Hydrogen and Light Hydrocarbons

Besides achieving significant economic savings from hydrogen recovery, the modeling and optimization technology behind i-H2™ has been expanded to maximize the recovery of light hydrocarbons from the hydrogen network. For example, one of our studies showed that 0.05 kg/bbl of light hydrocarbons and 0.33 Nm3/bbl of hydrogen can be recovered with no capital investment; while up to 0.09 kg/bbl of light hydrocarbons and 1.32 Nm3/bbl of hydrogen can be recovered with 13-month payback retrofits.

Recover hydrogen – and light hydrocarbons too
Comprehensive and Easy to use

Comprehensive and Easy to Use

i-H2™ considers the interaction between Hydrogen producers, consumers, purifiers, compressors, gas plants and headers. A wider scope enables the software to exploit more degrees of freedom that results in higher profits. The software also comes with a very user-friendly interface consisting of a drag and drop modeling environment and intuitive reporting and visualization tools that make the comparison of multiple scenarios and process units an easy task.