i-Heat™ – Design and Optimization Software for Heat Exchanger Networks

i-Heat™ is PIL’s software for design and optimization of Heat Exchangers Networks (HEN). For existing installations, i-Heat™ can analyze the network performance and find operational and retrofit modifications that maximize energy recovery and profitability. The software’s ability to capture detailed stream properties, heat exchanger geometries and space/process limitations, even at the conceptual design stage, allow the software to deliver practical solutions and accurate estimates of costs and energy savings.

What can i-Heat™ be used for?

Investment free optimization projects Identify the best operating conditions by exploiting degrees of freedom such as flows in stream-splits, typically providing energy savings of 0.009 – 0.023 $/bbl.
Retrofit projects Decrease the energy consumption of your Heat Exchanger Network typically by 0.027 – 0.09 $/bbl with a payback period of <2 years.
New design of HENs Perform automatic design of cost-optimal heat exchanger networks with detailed equipment thermal design.

Unique Features of i-Heat™

The entire network in a single grid

The Entire Network in a Single Grid

Use i-Heat™ to simulate your heat exchanger network and minimize operating costs. i-Heat makes simulation and optimization easy thanks to interactive drag-and-drop flow diagrams, intuitive user interfaces and simple reports.

Energy Solutions that Adapt to Your Budget

i-Heat™ delivers investment-free, retrofit and grassroots projects adapted to your budget and plant layout. Economic models to estimate new equipment, installation and energy costs are included to meet your budget. Restrictions on the number of additional heat exchangers and their locations can be easily specified. Furthermore, i-Heat™ produces process flow diagrams that can be readily shared with engineering companies. Use i-Heat™ to experience a software that understands the real world.

Energy solutions that adapt to your budget
From conceptual design to equipment selection

Conceptual Design to Equipment Selection

i-Heat™ features an extensive database of heat transfer equipment to automatically select the best design options in terms of pressure drop, energy efficiency and capital investment. Whereas you are developing your own designs or corroborating subcontractor’s solutions, save time and effort using i-Heat™’s heat transfer equipment selection tool in your projects.

Comparison with Other Tools

Main Functionalities i-Heat™ Other Vendors
Network Sensitivity Analysis Automatic Semi-automatic/ Manual
PFD Report/ Compare Yes No
Automatic Exchanger Thermal Design Enabled None or limited
Background Process Optimization Yes No
TT Flexible Control Yes No
Revamping Solution Complexity Control Full Part
Practicality of New Design Solutions Good Limited
Data Import/ Export Yes Some
Targeting and Diagnosis Yes Yes