i-CDU - Optimization Software for Crude Oil Distillation Units

i-CDU is your best option to optimize crude oil distillation systems. Results implemented on-site verify the power inside i-CDU to simultaneously optimize product yields and energy consumption for profit maximization. By optimizing distillation units and heat exchanger network together, i-CDU maximizes the separation and energy efficiency of the column and mitigates operational problems such as column flooding and energy bottlenecks.

What can i-CDU be used for?

Sensitivity analysis Identifies major trade-offs between key performance indicators and provides valuable insights to the decision-making process.
Investment-free optimization projects Identifies operational changes that maximize profits and mitigate operational problems. Typically delivers 5% in energy savings and 0.10 €/bbl in yield improvement.
Retrofit projects Low-risk retrofit designs for the heat exchanger networks, delivering up to 15% in energy savings.

i-CDU Key Features

Transform your industrial operations

Powerful Sensitivity Analysis Tool

i-CDU can simultaneously explore the trade-off between the distillation column and heat exchanger network. Hundreds of variables with thousands of scenarios can be viewed. Most importantly, key trends to improve the decision-making process can be easily identified. For example, it examines the effect that pump-arounds have on energy recovery, product quality, yields and profits; it indicates the best furnace outlet temperature for each type of crude oil processed; it advises of the best crude oil flow rate to achieve the most efficient separation, and so on!

Expect Accuracy and Speed

i-CDU unique approach on crude oil distillation modeling features the advantages of an accurate first-principle model without the computational burden of solving hundreds of nonlinear equations. This is facilitated by using artificial neural network models to represent the distillation process. As a result, i-CDU achieves a broader exploration of design options without sacrificing accuracy or scope, while considering the details of the associated heat exchanger network. A broader exploration in a broader scope means better, more practical solutions.

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Tailor-made to your Refinery

i-CDU has the flexibility to consider as many variables and parameters as necessary to satisfy your needs. Whereas these are controlled or manipulated variables, product quality specifications, crude oil flow rate, column flooding or stage temperatures, they can all be modeled and optimized by i-CDU. As developers of this technology, we pride ourselves in guaranteeing that the software's solutions are just what your refinery needs.