Recent Developments in the Optimization of Crude Oil Distillation Systems

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Lluvia at MEPetrotech

This autumn, Process Integration Limited (PIL) participated in the 10th Middle East Refining and Petrochemicals Conference and Exhibition (ME Petrotech 2016), one of the largest gatherings of downstream oil and gas professionals in the Middle East.

3,500 attendees across the globe have enjoyed this four-day top quality technical conference programme, which featured over ninety technical papers on process technology advancements. Amongst which, PIL’s research consultant Dr Lluvia Marisol Ochoa-Estopier delivered a presentation on the topic of crude oil distillation systems and heat exchanger networks.

The presentation entitled “Recent Developments in the Optimisation of Crude Oil Distillation Systems” introduces a new operational optimisation approach for heat-integrated crude oil distillation systems to minimise operating costs and maximise product yields.  Changes in the Crude Oil Distillation units (CDUs) and Heat Exchanger Network (HEN) are explored simultaneously to exploit interactions within the system.

This simultaneous approach leads to far better results, compared with optimising the CDUs and HEN individually. In this methodology, artificial neural networks, regressed from rigorous process simulation results, are used to represent the distillation process, while PIL’s software i-Heat™ is used to represent the HEN. Practical examples presented at this conference showed that industrially- applicable designs with reduced operating costs, improved yields and no capital costs. These improvements can be obtained using this methodology.

“PIL networked with the petroleum and petrochemical industry to reinforce distinctive elements of our technology to develop new opportunities and partnerships. Through showcasing PIL’s process integration technologies, we are delighted to have generated positive feedbacks and technology awareness that will lead to future discussions on long and short term refining strategies,” commented Prof. Robin Smith, Company President of PIL who was also present at the event.

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