PIL Presented at Saudi Aramco’s 2017 Energy Efficiency Forum & Exhibition


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PIL attended the 2017 Energy Efficiency Forum & Exhibition organised by Saudi Aramco on 4th– 5th December 2017 at Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The 2017 Energy Efficiency Forum & Exhibition is a meeting in Aramco dedicated to examining innovative and state-of-the-art technologies. The Forum plays a pivotal role in identifying technologies for energy security improvements and energy availability within Saudi Aramco and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The use of cutting-edge technology in optimisation of processes and use of renewables within the industrial and non-industrial applications are paramount to the event. In addition to delivering a technical presentation, PIL also participated in the exhibition room, showcasing its latest technologies for monitoring and optimising processes and unlocking significant economic benefits.


PIL’s Business Solutions Manager Mr Leandro Labanca delivered a presentation entitled ‘A New Approach to Maximise Productivity and Reduce Energy Consumption in Crude Oil Distillation Units (CDU)’. The presentation gave an overview of the complexity and challenges of CDU operations and its critical impact on refinery’s profitability. It was very well-received by the Aramco audience as it provided insights about improved operations based on PIL’s distinctive software which exploits strong interactions between the Heat Exchanger Network (HEN) and CDU columns.


The new technology optimises yields and energy consumption simultaneously, by controlling product qualities and therefore unlocking hidden economic savings. This represents a significant opportunity to refiners looking to address the importance of energy management and efficiency as well as their application on achieving sustainable solutions. PIL was able to address several questions raised at the Open Panel and provided insights on the challenges encountered when working alongside multiple partners (i.e. EPC contractors to Operations), drawing largely on its experience and involvement in assisting Aramco with the implementation of numerous projects.


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