PIL Conducts Awareness Seminars on Heat Integration in Russia

In April, PIL’s Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Stephen Hall, delivered two major knowledge-building seminars on Heat Integration in Russia. During his visit, two full day sessions were conducted in which guests representing Russian’s largest oil producers such as Gazpromneft and Lukoil participated. PIL and its local agent ‘HiProm’ led a variety of discussions on heat integration and steam system modelling.

“In these seminars, we showed how PIL helps organisations to benchmark performance of energy operations and identify strategies for heat recovery in industrial processes,” said Dr. Hall.

The sessions showed how to determine achievable targets for minimum energy consumption. By comparing performance against overall site energy targets, PIL assessed how to improve operations and remove bottlenecks, leading to a boost in projects. Please contact us if you would like us to provide an assessment of the improvement opportunities in your operations.


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