PIL Attendance and Presentation at the 9th SDEWES Conference


September 20-27, 2014

Dr Lu Chen, Process Integration Limited (PIL)’s manager of the Process and Energy Division, attended the annual conference of the 9th Conference of Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems (SDEWES 2014) held on a 7-day Mediterranean ship cruise from Venice to Istanbul. The overall aim of the SDEWES 2014 Conference is to present knowledge on methods for increasing the sustainability of development and renewable energy, to discuss and share renewable technologies, and to compare and contrast measurement methodologies, modelling and standards for sustainability.

Under SDEWES 2014’s special session “Energy and Water Efficiency and Green Energy for Sustainable Future: Knowledge Development and Transfer”, Lu gave a presentation on “Integrating Ultrasonic Antifouling Technology in Heat Exchanger Network Retrofit” arising from her work at PIL written in conjunction with Dr Nan Zhang, Chief Technology Officer of Process Integration Ltd.

The paper introduced a recent development of ultrasonic antifouling technique as the antifouling technology for heat exchanger to prevent and minimise fouling from heat transfer areas. The proposed techniques may be applied during the design stage or after the heat transfer equipment have been in operation. The paper also explores the trade-offs between the cost of installing such devices and the benefits of heat recovery performance through a systematic and quantitative approach.

A copy of the abstract and presentation slides are available at the Downloads section to request a copy.