PIL Associate Dr Zheng Presents CryoMan-SMR™

Process Integration Limited (PIL) is proud to announce Associate Dr. Xuesong Zheng’s development of the CryoMan-SMR™ Process. This is a new Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant design, engineered for greater thermodynamic efficiency and simplicity. Dr. Zheng developed the process during his PhD studies alongside his supervisor Dr. Jin Kuk Kim, who now lectures at Hanyang University in Korea.

The new LNG process is being commercialised through a consortium which includes PIL, the University of Manchester Intellectual Property (UMIP) and IP Asset Ventures (IPAV). The University owns the patent rights. Dr. Zheng and the PIL team are providing support to the venture through access to its proprietary algorithms and its expertise in low-temperature processing contained in its Cryogenic Division.

The CryoMan-SMRTM Process

CryoMan-SMR™ is a new process technology for more efficient natural gas liquefaction that provides simple engineering with vastly improved use of design variables. This breakthrough invention is intended to strike a balance between process complexity and energy efficiency. By lowering the equipment count and energy consumption, it can produce 6%-8% increased LNG production and 10% increased net revenue.

PIL’s Role & Prospects

Working alongside UMIP and IPAV, PIL expects CryoMan-SMR™ to attract considerable interest in the LNG world. So far, it has been well received by companies from the UK, US, China and Korea at major conferences such as GasTech 2012 and LNG 17. PIL continues to provide further technical evaluations and site-specific operating parameters. Evaluation licences are available for companies wishing to develop and operate improved liquefaction processes.

The University of Manchester holds the associated patent entitled ‘Refrigeration Process’ (published as WO2011/117655 A2). For more detailed information on the process configuration, performance characteristics and licensing, <click here>

A brief introduction to the CryoMan-SMR LNG process pdf may be accessed here: Uom Novel LNG Process

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