New Developments in Heat Exchanger Network Retrofit

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On 28-31 August 2016, over dozens of the PRES’ keenest professionals gathered for an exclusive conference to review the latest development and applications of process integration for energy conservation. The ‘PRES’ Conference – also known as the 19th Conference of Process Integration, Modelling and Optimisation for Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction, aims to ensure progress towards making societies and regions more sustainable.

Process Integration Limited (PIL) Company President Prof Robin Smith was invited to chair the Process Integration for Sustainable Development session. He also presented PIL Consultant Dr Mary Akpomiemie’s work on ‘New Developments in Heat Exchanger Network Retrofit’.

The presentation opened by addressing the challenges in obtaining cost-effective retrofit of heat exchanger networks (HENs). A new approach was presented, which considers the limitations of the application of heat transfer enhancement in retrofit such as identifying the best heat exchangers to enhance, dealing with downstream effects after enhancement and the impact of pressure drop considerations on the energy savings and retrofit profit (i.e. the difference between the profit from energy savings and the total cost of retrofit over a specified payback period). Comparative Analysis of Different Retrofit Methods for HEN Retrofit


In addition, a robust retrofit strategy for the application of structural modifications based on fundamental insights of the existing HEN was demonstrated. To improve the retrofit result, a new methodology that combines the benefits of heat transfer enhancement and structural modifications was presented. The overall retrofit approach delivers cost effective retrofit based on fundamental insights, whilst ensuring industrial applicability.

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