New Approach to Optimize Crude Oil Distillation Systems

Process Integration Limited (PIL) is pleased to announce that a paper entitled ‘Industrial Application of Surrogate Models for Offline Operational Optimization of Heat-Integrated Crude Oil Distillation Systems’ has been accepted for publication in the Chemical Engineering Transactions (CET) vol. 69. The contributing authors of this paper are Lluvia M. Ochoa-Estopier (PIL), Víctor M. Enríquez-Gutierrez (PIL), Lu Chen (PIL), José M. Fernández-Ortiz (CEPSA), Lorenzo Herrero-Soriano(CEPSA) and Megan Jobson (University of Manchester).

The paper presents a new approach to optimize existing crude oil distillation systems. The approach provides key insights of the main factors affecting product yields and energy consumption; and considers important system limitations, such as crude oil changes, column flooding, heat transfer bottlenecks and product quality specifications. The approach has been applied successfully in a debottlenecking study for yield optimization of a medium-scale refinery. The implementation of the optimization results was carried out successfully in the refinery; initial projections confirm predicted benefits of $7.2 million per year.

The paper will be presented at the 11th International Conference on Distillation & Absorption, scheduled to be held in Florence on 16th-19th September 2018. For more details on the conference please click here.

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