Mission, Vision & Values

Why are we here?

To transform businesses in the process industries and help our clients achieve operational excellence by delivering innovative and sustainable solutions.


Where do we want to go?

To become one of UK’s most distinguished provider of chemical engineering consultancy, supporting corporate energy performance by providing trusted and best-in-class solutions.


How do we get there?

  1. Integrity We embrace trustworthiness and uphold the highest standards of professionalism in all our actions.
  2. Creativity and Innovation We continually improve our technologies and solutions so that we may deliver higher levels of service.
  3. Quality and Excellence We aspire to exceed our clients’ expectations in driving consistent operational excellence.
  4. People and Customer-Focused Culture We invest in our people to be world-class leaders in their fields and train them to identify customers’ needs. We listen and communicate with clients as their success are our success - together we thrive.
  5. Flexibility and Collaboration Through effective teamwork we have the power and knowledge to solve seemingly persistent problems.
  6. Sustainability and Safety Our solutions strive to satisfy society’s needs in an economically viable, environmentally benign, and socially beneficial way. Safety of our client’s operations and our team is the bedrock of all our goals.