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Refinery Hydrogen Management

Key Benefits

  • Understand your refinery hydrogen system
  • Set targets for minimum hydrogen supply
  • Improve hydrogen recovery and distribution
  • Minimise the need for hydrogen production or imports
  • Choose the best purification options
  • Minimise capital investment to meet increased hydrogen demand
  • Decrease operating costs
  • Identify opportunities for yield improvements via more effective hydrogen supply


The worldwide trend to produce low sulphur and low aromatic gasoline and diesel, and to process heavier crude oils in general, places increased demands on refinery hydrogen systems.

Meeting the resulting increased demands for hydrogen can require significant capital investment in, for example, steam reformers and compression equipment. Yet, most refinery hydrogen systems are inefficient and have significant room for improvement. By modifying the hydrogen network and considering alternative hydrogen recovery options, refiners can often satisfy the increased demands for hydrogen with significantly reduced investment.

Alternatively, refiners can improve the operation of currently operating hydrogen systems, to make them more efficient and significantly reduce their running costs.

PIL has completed a number of successful hydrogen studies where significant cost opportunities have been realised in the hydrogen management system. This 2-day course presents the techniques used in such studies so that attendees can check the efficiency of their own hydrogen systems and identify improvement opportunities themselves.

Who Should Be Trained?

The course is intended for people with a chemical engineering background working in the petroleum industry, or in engineering and consultancy companies, servicing the industry. Process engineers and refinery managers with an interest in improving hydrogen management should attend this course.

Dates & Course Fees

We currently do not have plans to run a public course for this topic. However, please contact us to register your interest and we shall contact you should there be any new course date announcements made.

We have some offers for group bookings. Also, if you would like this course to be delivered in-house at your business, please contact us to discuss this option.


Session 1 Introduction

Background to refining, importance of hydrogen, recent trends

Session 2 Hydrogen Consumers

Hydrotreating, hydrocracking, basic chemistry, typical flowsheets, estimating hydrogen demand, process economics

Session 3 Hydrogen Producers

Steam reforming, partial oxidation, catalytic reforming, basic chemistry, typical flowsheets, process economics

Session 4 Hydrogen Distribution Systems

Typical distribution systems, modelling of producers and consumers, constructing a hydrogen balance, steam reforming, partial oxidation, catalytic reforming, basic chemistry, typical flowsheets, process economics

Session 5 Hydrogen Composite Curves and the Hydrogen Pinch

Graphical representation for targeting minimum hydrogen consumption

Session 6 Choice of Utility Purity

Trade-offs between hydrogen utility flowrate and purity

Session 7 Hydrogen Purification

Pressure-swing adsorption, membranes, cryogenic separation, estimation of performance, cost estimation, selecting a purifier

Session 8 Placement of Purification Units

Feed purification, purity vs. flowrate trade-off, placing a purifier in the distribution network

Session 9 Mathematical Programming for Minimising Hydrogen Utility

Superstructure based programming approaches

Session 10 Advanced Network Design

Design to meet targets, practical constraints, inclusion of capital costs, design for minimum total cost

Session 11 Process Modifications

Possible process modification options to minimize or optimise hydrogen use

Session 12 Industrial Applications

Description of industrial case studies, process modifications, moving beyond hydrogen savings

Session 13 Hydrogen Network Retrofit with Purification Units

Debottlenecking of hydrogen networks with purifiers, and modelling of synergies between different purifier

Session 14 Integrate Hydrogen Networks With Process Networks

Exploitation of synergies between hydrogen networks and refining processes to improve profitability

Session 15 Conclusions

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