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Distillation System Design

Key Benefits

  • Sequencing of simple distillation columns
  • Understanding complex column arrangements
  • Understanding the benefits and degrees of freedom in dividing wall (partitioned) distillation columns
  • Heat integration of individual distillation columns
  • Heat pumping in distillation
  • Heat integration of distillation sequences
  • Introducing refinery distillation


This course provides the principles of distillation system design, emphasising energy efficiency. The course is aimed at process engineers who have some experience of conventional distillation and who wish to learn about advanced distillation system design.

Even though distillation is a well established and mature technology, there is still often considerable scope to improve the performance of distillation through the application of the latest integration techniques.

The sequencing of distillation columns and the appropriate use of complex distillation arrangements can bring remarkable reductions in energy costs and, in new design, reduction in capital costs also. The appropriate heat integration arrangements can also bring significant reductions in energy costs.

To obtain the best results requires the distillation sequence and heat recovery arrangement to be designed simultaneously. These techniques applied in retrofit situations can lead to reductions in energy cost, increases in throughput or a combination of both.

Who Should Be Trained?

The course is intended for people with a chemical engineering background working in the petroleum, petrochemical or chemical process industries, or in engineering and consultancy companies servicing those industries. Process engineers with an interest in making distillation operations more efficient should attend this course.

Dates & Course Fees

We currently do not have plans to run a public course for this topic. However, please contact us to register your interest and we shall contact you should there be any new course date announcements made. 

We have some offers for group bookings. Also, if you would like this course to be delivered in-house at your business then please contact us to discuss this option.


Session 1 Introduction

Incentives to improve distillation systems

Session 2 Physical Properties for Distillation Design

Review of physical property methods and their selection for distillation system design

Session 3 Basic Distillation Design

Review of distillation basics, degrees of freedom for individual columns

Session 4 Retrofit of Distillation Columns for Increased Capacity

Hydraulic analysis of distillation for increased capacity

Session 5 Sequencing Simple Distillation Columns

Systems of simple distillation columns

Session 6 Complex Distillation Columns

Side-stream columns, side strippers, side rectifiers and pre-fractionators

Session 7 Short-cut Modelling of Complex Columns

Development of short-cut models for system design and optimisation

Session 8 Dividing Wall (Partitioned) Distillation Columns

Advantages, degrees of freedom and design of dividing wall (partitioned) distillation columns

Session 9 Sequencing for Non-integrated Distillation

Sequencing distillation on the basis of minimum vapour load

Session 10 Heat Integration of Distillation Columns

Principles of heat integration for individual columns

Session 11 Heat Pumping in Distillation

Principles of heat pumping in distillation, different heat pumping arrangements

Session 12 Sequencing of Heat Integrated Distillation Systems

Simultaneous sequencing and heat integration of distillation systems

Session 13 Refinery Distillation

Introduction to refinery distillation

Session 14 Concluding Remarks

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