What can PINCH-int do?

  • Target minimum energy consumption
  • Interface with i-HEAT™, SITE-int, CDU-int and DIST-int

PINCH-int is a state-of-the-art software package for targeting process energy and capital utilisation base on "pinch" technology.


PINCH-int is used to improve the energy performance of individual processes on a site. Energy targets can be set based on thermodynamic principles.

Energy Targets

PINCH-int sets energy targets and optimizes the selection of utilities for individual processes.

The tools include the composite curves, the grand composite curve, and the problem table. These tools allow the designer to predict hot and cold utility targets for individual processes. PINCH-int automatically places the optimal mix of utilities against the grand composite curve.

In addition to providing energy-based targets for the process, the program can also target for the surface area of the heat exchangers and the minimum number of heat exchanger units and shells. Combining these targets allows total cost targets to be predicted ahead of design.

Heat int CC

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