iStock 000008148298Small i-Steam™ is the latest software tool from Process Integration Limited. It enables you to analyse your utility system to unlock cost-savings and boost your profits. Using the latest patented technology, i-Steam™ designs, models and optimises your new or existing steam system so you can be sure to get maximum performance.

i-Steam™ Features

Targeting and graphical analysis

i-Steam™ contains sophisticated targeting tools to define the best energy performance for a site under a range of different operating scenarios. This includes targets for the full range of available utilities

Driver selection interface

Modelling and simulation of utility systems

The tool includes a comprehensive suite of unit operation models such as steam and gas turbines. When combined with i-Steam™’s drag and drop environment, the user can easily create a full utility system model

Comprehensive modelling and simulation:
CHP + Steam Pipeline + Processes

With i-Steam™, practical utility system networks are modelled accurately, to include for example, detailed steam pipeline systems with point-to-point calculations


i-Steam™ calculates optimal operating conditions for your steam system. This includes the steam distribution within a CHP plant, overall site steam distribution, system pressures and some key temperatures

Graphical analysis interface

Driver selection

i-Steam™ selects between motor and turbine for all power demands within the utility system based on steam level conditions and steam distribution

Performance regression tool

For important equipment items such as boilers and steam turbines, i-Steam™ provides a regression tool to produce full and part-load performance models using real operating data

Usability Features

i-Steam™ has advanced usability features to promote easy modelling, simulation and optimisation

Model management and multi-scenario management

A model management tool helps the user easily organise the various operating scenario models and compare their results

Site simulation interface

Real-time simulation, real-time reminding

i-Steam™ adopts an advanced real-time simulation strategy. It simulates as the users add details to the system model. The simulation status is indicated on each block/stream icon so the user knows what items require further specifications and knows when the system is completely defined and simulated

Degree of freedom control

i-Steam™ controls the degrees of freedom in individual blocks. For equipment with multiple inlets and/or outlets, i-Steam™ controls the degrees of freedom by responding to the user input instantly. This avoids over-specification or under-specification problems in modelling.


The software can switch between English and Chinese languages.