Heat exchanger small 320x240i-Heat™ is the latest software tool from Process Integration Limited for the design and optimisation of heat recovery systems in industrial processes. For existing systems, i-Heat™ analyses performance and identifies where energy and capacity improvements can be made. It also ensures any new system design is optimal. What differentiates i-Heat™ is its usability and consideration of practical detailed design issues such as heat exchanger geometries, even at the conceptual design stage. This is the main reason for its success on many implemented projects. I-Heat™ is an analysis and design tool which allows the user to generate practical heat exchanger network designs that maximise operating profits.

Use i-Heat™ to:

  • evaluate your existing process and identify the locations of energy inefficiencies.
  • identify what operational or structural changes should be made now to improve profitability.
  • design a new heat exchanger network (HEN) with consideration of detailed design issues and practical features.
  • be confident that the tool you are using has been proven on a large number of projects and delivered superior, implemented results.

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When to use i-Heat™?

  • when the user does not have a detailed knowledge of heat integration technology.
  • when you want to ensure that practical design issues will be considered at the conceptual design stage.
  • when time is short and you need an answer fast.
  • when you work with process simulation tools and want to design a cost-effective HEN, exchanging data and results.


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Key features of i-Heat™?

  • Graphical user interface and modelling tools – i-Heat™ has an easy-to-use graphical interface containing a range of analysis and design tools for HENs.
  • Targeting and network diagnostics - set energy performance targets for existing and new HENs and optimise the choice and duty of utilities using ‘pinch’ analysis. i-Heat™’s graphical interface includes a suite of analysis tools to illustrate where the bottlenecks in performance are. It also quantifies their impact.

  • Simulation – i-Heat™ simulates HEN’s either using a simple approach (U-value specified) or

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  • detailed approach (U-value calculated from the exchanger geometry and stream physical properties).

  • Automated Design - automatically design a cost-optimal heat exchanger network while satisfying design and operational constraints.

  • Operational Optimisation - For an existing HEN, i-Heat™ identifies the best operating conditions by exploiting degrees of freedom such as flows in stream-splits.

  • Revamp Optimisation - automatically adjust operational parameters and network structure to achieve a range of retrofit design objectives. i-Heat™ identifies the bottlenecks which limit energy recovery.

  • Automated exchanger equipment selection – a built-in heat exchanger database and automated equipment selection delivers solutions across the range from conceptual design to detailed engineering.

  • i-heat 1 Import/Export – data can be input manually or imported from all major process simulators. After analysis in i-Heat™, the results can be exported back to process simulators for further examination and adjustment.

  • Flexible reporting – The wide range of reports from i-Heat™ includes detailed heat exchanger data sheets and Process Flow Diagrams. All reports can be exported to spreadsheets.