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What can CRYO-int do?

  • Target minimum shaft power for a low temperature cooling duties
  • Optimize the number and temperatures of refrigeration levels
  • Target minimum shaft power for cascade refrigeration systems
  • Target minimum shaft power for mixed refrigerant systems
  • Determine the optimum composition for mixed refrigeration systems
  • Simulate and optimize complex refrigeration designs
  • Design and optimization of LNG liquifaction systems

CRYO-int simulates, optimizes and synthesizes complex refrigeration systems for low temperature gas processing.


CRYO-int is used for the design of low temperature (sub-ambient) processes. Low temperature processes require heat rejection to refrigeration systems. The result is that the operating costs for such processes are usually dominated by the cost of power to run the refrigeration system.

For large-scale systems and very low temperatures, multiple levels of refrigeration, cascaded systems and mixed refrigerants are used. Such complex refrigeration systems can be analysed using CRYO-int.

One of the fundamental problems with mixed refrigerants is the choice of refrigerant composition. CRYO-int can be used to optimise refrigerant composition.

Targeting Low Temperature systems

CRYO-int can target minimum shaft power for simple and complex refrigeration cycles. Targets are based on rigorous thermodynamic calculations and have high accuracy when compared with rigorous simulation.

Simulation of Refrigeration Systems

cryo int CBoxCRYO-int allows simulation of simple and complex refrigeration systems. These may have multiple heat levels and multiple compressors.? Physical properties are represented by equations of state. Designs can be optimized for minimum power consumption or minimum cost.

Design (Synthesis) of Refrigeration Systems

CRYO-int allows the design (synthesis) of complex refrigeration systems.

Optimisation of Refrigeration Levels

When using multiple refrigeration levels, there are often trade-offs between the temperature of the levels and their load. As the temperature of each level is adjusted it not only affects its own shaft power requirement, but that of the other levels also. Multiple levels of refrigeration must be optimised simultaneously.

Optimisation of Mixed Refrigeration Systems

cryo int dfpCRYO-int can optimise the composition of mixed refrigerants to minimise shaft power requirements. This is achieved by optimising the composition of the refrigerant to match the cooling profile.

Design and Optimization of LNG Processes

CRYO-int allows LNG liquifaction cycles to be simulated and optimized.

Graphical Representation

CRYO-int allows visual representation of the shaft power losses in refrigeration cycles. This provides the designer with insights that could not be obtained otherwise.

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