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In conjunction with our consultancy service, six software packages are available:


i-Heat™ is PIL's "new generation" analysis and optimisation tool for heat recovery systems. It is a state-of-the-art software package for improving the performance of heat recovery systems in the process industries.

What can i-Heat™ do?
  • Target minimum energy consumption
  • Optimize the load of utilities for individual processes
  • Interactive network design
  • Automatic design of new heat exchanger networks
  • Automatic retrofit design of heat exchanger networks with control of the number of modifications
  • Simulate heat exchanger networks using simple models
  • Optimize heat exchanger networks
  • Explore heat exchanger network operability
  • Interface with SITE-int, CDU-int and DIST-int

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Heat-int was PIL's heat exchanger network analysis tool for many years. It has now been superceded by i-Heat™.


SITE-int was PIL's tool for the design, optimisation and integration of site utility systems in the process industries for many years. It has now been superceded by i-Steam™.


CDU-int designs heat-integrated crude oil distillation systems.

What can CDU-int do?
  • Optimise the operating conditions of existing crude oil distillation systems to reduce energy consumption or to increase profit without capital investment.
  • Modify the design of an existing column or the design of the heat exchanger network or both in a controlled way to reduce energy consumption.
  • Modify the design of an existing column, the product flowrates and quality, the design of the heat exchanger network simultaneously to increase profit.
  • Explore different distillation configurations in the design of existing units, such as the introduction of pre-flash or pre- fractionator units.
  • Optimize column pressures.
  • Explore changes to the design of existing heat exchanger networks for increased heat recovery or increased throughput.
  • Optimize the configuration of new crude oil distillation systems.

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DIST-int designs integrated distillation systems.

What can DIST-int do?
  • Minimize energy consumption for a fixed column configuration through pressure optimization and heat integration.
  • Determine the best configuration of energy integrated simple and complex column arrangements.
  • Simultaneously optimize column pressures for heat integrated distillation configurations.
  • Select heat integration matches.
  • Identify heat pumping opportunities.
  • Simultaneously optimize selection of column type, sequence, operating pressure of the columns, heat integration matches and heat pumping opportunities.
  • For sub-ambient distillation systems, simultaneous design of the refrigeration system.
  • Screen refrigeration system designs for sub-ambient distillation systems, including multiple levels, cascade systems and mixed refrigerants.

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CRYO-int simulates, optimizes and synthesizes complex refrigeration systems for low temperature gas processing.

What can CRYO-int do?
  • Target minimum shaft power for a low temperature cooling duties
  • Optimize the number and temperatures of refrigeration levels
  • Target minimum shaft power for cascade refrigeration systems
  • Target minimum shaft power for mixed refrigerant systems
  • Determine the optimum composition for mixed refrigeration systems
  • Simulate and optimize complex refrigeration designs
  • Design and optimization of LNG liquifaction systems

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H2-int improves the performance and design of refinery hydrogen networks.

What can H2-int do?
  • Target minimum hydrogen network consumption on the basis of hydrogen purity
  • Target minimum hydrogen network consumption including complete analysis of the network impurity components
  • Minimize hydrogen demand through maximizing hydrogen re-use
  • Analyze hydrogen purification options
  • Select the optimum choice between multiple sources of hydrogen
  • Explore the trade-offs between hydrogen flowrate and purity
  • Design of hydrogen distribution networks
  • Explore options for hydrogen recycle to hydrogen plants

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These packages provide the latest process integration technology in state-of-the-art software. The software packages have a common style of input to allow users to move between packages with maximum ease. Networks are a common feature of the packages, which are input in an interactive drag-and-drop environment that has a common style between the packages. On-line context sensitive help systems are also a feature common to all packages. Multiple language versions are available.

The software packages are available under license or can be accessed via our consultants.

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